Hit your revenue goals with this free to use Opera plug-in
HotelFlex is free to install

Have you set yourself ambitious revenue goals for 2019? If so, you're probably asking yourself how you're going to hit them.

If that's you, we've got good news.

HotelFlex has launched a free to instal Opera plug-in that automatically increases hotel revenue by 2% that is being quickly adopted by hotels across Asia.

How do they do that?

When a hotel has a room that they haven't been able to sell the software automatically emails guests arriving the next into that room category offering them an early check-in for a fee and guests leaving that room category that day to offer them a late check-out.

In doing so, the software increases revenue for the hotel and offers a more personalised service to the guest if they have awkward travel schedules.

The best part is, as they only use empty clean rooms, there is no impact on housekeeping, and as such, all revenue generated is pure profit.

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